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Oopsyy Daisy !

It’s been a week I havn’t started doing my homework yet.

I’m sticking on laptop all day and finding some inspiration which is not helpful to my work anyway…

Today I’m going to introduce you to Daisy Lowe .

She is UK it girl !!

here’s little info about her

Daisy Rebecca Lowe[1] (born 27 January 1989) is an English fashion model who has modelled for editorial photo shoots and commercial advertising campaigns and has worked as a runway model. She is the daughter of Pearl Lowe, the singer/songwriter turned textile and fashion designer, and Gavin Rossdale, the front man for the band Bush.

And I found the amazing thing about Daisy and her mother that they both look very the same (I mean when Pearl lowe was in the same age as her daughter)

Can you tell the differnce?

Daisy Lowe for Marc by Marc Jacobs

All I can tell that she and her mom also have the same style .

Like everyone say “Like mother ,Like daughter”

Ps. I really started to miss my mom as well because She went to Japan for new year holiday !


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Laught with me LeeLee

My assignment for Exhibition Design class is to make a mock up for P.O.P of the perfume

It is a pair work so Me and Numpunch designed to find some inspiration from the perfume counter at Siamparagon.

After we had looking for the perfume we want to design for so long time

We chose the “Laught with me LeeLee” Benefits perfume

We designed to be like  holiday on Cruise.

the package is so cute ,We all love it originally.

That’s made it harder to create the P.O.P for this perfume

So this is Our design mock up

ps. We have to present this on Tue. Break a legs!

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Lately Christmas

Yesterday is my friend’s birthday,Bell ,She was born on christmas day but we decided to celebrate on 26 dec at Vanilla Restaurant ,Thonglor

The food was so good at the ambient was great.

We all have so much chit-chat and taking photo.

After we had dinner we off to birthday girl’s home which is very close to the restaurant.

credit: picture from Kamonart

The theme of this party is White and Red christmas.

It was quite hard to find dress to wear

I wore vintage red and white check shirt , my old dot skirt , my mom’s vintage belt , Burberry bag , black lace socks and naughty monkey ankle boots

ps. If I have more picture from my friends I will upload later…

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The Standards

We wish you a merry christmas :))

today is me and farn 1st year anniversary and it’s a christmas day !

We have so much good time together all day

Me,Farn and my friend(New) and farn’s friend(Yacht) went to the christmas party at Bangkok rock which is located on Sukhumwit19

There was the standards band live  .

We have a pool and got some drink but I’m not got drunk anyway !

The music was great . they’re all brit pop brit rock and apparently there were only Fa-rang there only us are Thais !

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My Muse MK

Mary kate Olsen one of my muse.

I love her Gothic and Boho chic style.

I love her smile.

I love her personality

and I love her appearance !!

MK and I have very similar style little quirky,vintage,glam rock,full of accesories (that is so me!!)and her smoky eyes ,nude lips,messy look that I love too!!

Not even her style that inspired me but also her fashion brand that she and her twin established”The Row” and “Elizabeth &James”  no wonder why they are the richest hollywood teenagers !!

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Dark Red Lips

Hit me!!! Dark red lipstick trend fall 08 Love it!!

I’m looking for new lipstick color and I found the interesting color which is dark red

I’m going to get one soon!!

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2.55 classic

Illustration mini book

Coco Chanel biology book that I’ve made for Art&technology class

The cover was designed to immitate the Chanel 2.55

Can you see the difference??

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