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Forest Food Chain

In A’Aon fashion illustration class we have to design a collection in concept relationship ….
Well when you think about relationship what would it be in your thought….?
But for me I just thinking about Biological relationship that we all have studied since high school …Finally I came up with the food chain idea so I designed from different creatures in forest by the small one to the large one or to the scavenger and I made it be seen by the smallest is inside and the bigger one is outside … just to be like the bigger animal eats the smaller animal





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One of my first fashion project in this semester as in Fashion design major is to design a collection that inspired by the style of fashion that you like …. So we all have to do research on the style we chose .. For me I chose GRUNGE’s style

For everyone who doesn’t know much about grunge I’ll inform you a little concept of Grunge  ….






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Hello it’s been a while I havn’t update my blog just because I’m too busy with my work and other crazy things happened in my life!!

Here today I’m going to show you one of my favourite place I have visited while staying in Birmingham I have a chance to go to Ironbridge a small oldest industrial town not so far from Birmingham. One of the most classic place I love is Blist hill it’s like a museum which is immitate Victorian town staying there it’s like you have lost in Victorian time .. and made me want to turn back in time !!!!

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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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